Human Resources

HR as a Service

Your employees are your most important asset.

Managing all aspects regarding your employees can be challenging and costly, if you do not have the right competence and resources to manage them.

CENIT Consulting offers an wide range of HR Services. We can act as your HR Department or we can advice in HR related issues on a case to case basis. 

We have the knowledge and experience to provide high quality HR Sevices, so that you can concentrate on your business.

Examples of our services

HR Support to Management

  • HR Incident Management Support
  • Performance management
  • Employment conditions:
    • follow up during probation period,
    • notices,
    • length of service
  • Time Off / Leaves and related matters
  • Work time, duration and rates
  • Counselling and termination processes,
  • Redundancies
  • Other HR related matters

Employment contract

  • Drafting Letter of Offer in order to secure your candidate when required.
  • Review compliance with applicable legislation, collective agreements, company policies and procedures.
  • Advise on grades and coefficient depending on the position.
  • Advise on best employment contract strategy in order to meet business requirements.
  • Specific clauses upon requests (bonuses, extra benefits…)


  • Employee information Form/Data Collection
  • Coordinate declarations of new employees
  • Collection of employee documents

Adjustment and Maintenance

  • Draft required amendments to employment Contracts
  • Draft required letters (Bonus, Remuneration review, certificate of employment)
  • Review and update Employment Rules (HR Policies and Procedures)
  • Coordinate with Benefits Insurance as required
  • Record and guidance for appraisal interviews
  • Update according to changes in regulation


  • Draft and Provide Employee End of Employment Letter
  • Provide Employee with Employer Certificates
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