1. Assignment
    The assignment includes and is limited to what is specifically described in Assignment Confirmation from the Contractor to the Customer.
  2. Consultant
    Responsible for the execution of the Assignment for the Customer is the Consultant employed by the Contractor as stated in the Assignment Confirmation. The Contractor reserves the right to use other consultants within the Contractor’s group to assist the responsible Consultant where this is appropriate on the basis of a professional, financial or capacity assessment and where this does not impose an increased financial burden on the Customer.
  3. Follow-up / availability
    The Contractor will carry out the Assignment within a professional, financial and timely sound framework. This requires that the Customer provide all necessary information related to the assignment as soon as possible, and latest by 3 business days, upon request from the Contractor.
  4. Calculation of remuneration
    The Contractor will calculate an allowance based on remuneration based on a fixed hourly rate and registration of elapsed time.

    Registration of elapsed time involves recording the actual time spent, within the nearest full 15 minutes. Phone calls are recorded for a minimum of 15 minutes. The customer agrees to pay reimbursement and costs for the assistance provided by the Contractor, regardless of the result.
  5. Direct costs
    Direct costs incurred in the case, such as travel, stay and meals in connection with the execution of the Assignment, are charged to the Customer in addition to the fee.
  6. Invoicing
    Invoicing is done every month for the work performed and for costs from the previous month, cf. points 5 and 6. Completed assignments are invoiced at the end of the assignment. An invoice for assistance performed is enclosed with a list of activities which, in short text, indicates what activities have been carried out and the costs incurred. Costs incurred for travel etc. can be billed when accrued. All invoicing has 15 days due.
  7. Right to written material
    The Customer retains all rights – including copyrights – to all written/operational material unless otherwise specifically agreed in writing.
  8. Responsibility for result / Follow-up
    The Contractor will perform the Assignment in a professionally sound manner. The Contractor and / or the Consultant responsible does not guarantee that the performance of the assignment will lead to the result of the Customer expectations. The Customer warrants settlement to the Contractor irrespective of how the question of payment of legal costs has been settled. After the Assignment as described in the Assignment Confirmation has been completed, the Contractor is not responsible for further follow-up of any matter on behalf of the Customer before any new Assignment with subsequent Assignment Confirmation is given.
  9. Limitation of Liability
    If demonstrable liability claims by the Contractor and / or the responsible Consultant incur a financial loss, the financial liability of the Contractor and / or the responsible Consultant is in any case limited to a total of NOK 25,000.
  10. Termination of the assignment
    The Assignment is considered completed when the Assignment described in the Assignment Confirmation has been completed.

    If there is a disagreement between the Customer and the Contractor regarding the execution of the Assignment, or if there is a conflict between the Contractor and the Customer for other reasons, the Contractor may renounce the Assignment with immediate effect.